ReInvest Consultants

| Serving Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 899-1112

Dedicated to helping people find a house that feels like home.

ReInvest Consultants helps people seeking affordable ways to rent or buy homes and apartments in Greater Cincinnati. Our team of experienced professionals is devoted to offering exceptional customer service, seven days a week, to help buyers and renters discover their next home or apartment.

We also serve property owners seeking management service. We strive to offer the highest occupancy rates, reasonable maintenance costs, and complete and accurate reporting.

Interested renters and property owners are invited to call us at (513) 899-1112 to learn how the ReInvest team can serve you.

About Our Application Process
  • We look beyond your credit score
  • We perform full background checks with a focus on rental history
  • Full security deposits must be paid by your move-in date
  • We seek long-term, reliable residents

If you are looking for a long-term rental home and have a steady rental history, or if you are seeking an affordable way to achieve home ownership, we have a home for you! Please call ReInvest at 513-899-1112 and discover a house that feels like home.

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